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Handoff your bot to LiveHelpNow

Using a combination of LiveHelpNow's APIs and webhooks you can easily handoff your bot while keeping your customer in the same window.
Please note, this integration will require an enterprise license and not all documentation will be publicly available to non-enterprise accounts.



In order to use any of our API endpoints, you will need to authenticate via OAuth.

Create Chat

This endpoint will allow you to create a chat within the LiveHelpNow system, while passing any customer information and previous bot conversation over. This is a restricted endpoint for our enterprise clients.

Insert message

As the customers send messages within your chat window, you can use our insert message API endpoint to send them to your live agents.

Typing Status

You can inform your live agents with a visual dialog that the customers are typing with our set typing status endpoint.

Chat Message History

If you allow your visitors to navigate or reopen an existing chat, you may need to use our chat history endpoint to fetch previous message from the LiveHelpNow system.

Chat Termination

If for any reason you need to terminate the chat after a handoff, you can use our chat terminate endpoint to properly close the chat within LiveHelpNow.


Chat Message

Our chat message webhook will allow you to receive all operator messages and message details to display to your chatting customers. This webhook is restricted to our enterprise clients.

Chat Actions

This webhook will pass all chat actions and associated action value for you to display to your chatting customers. An example of a chat action would be the operator typing status. This webhook is restricted to our enterprise clients.

Visitor Cookie

If you would like to keep navigation history and use the full visitor features of LiveHelpNow, we would recommend installing our Javascript SDK and then utilizing the visitor id from the sdk cookie.

If you are interested in working with LiveHelpNow on a bot handoff, plase feel free to contact us to set up further discussion.