Chat History Endpoint

Previous messages for the specified chat session

GET //{id}/history

Query Params

Name Expected Type Description
limit required integer The maximum amount of messages to return
ending_message_id required integer The message id to start going back from


 page_size: 15,  more_message: true (or false),
 messages: [
   chatMessage: "The chat message",
   createdTime: "2017-09-01T10:30:00Z",
   fromName: "Name",
   messageId: 12345,
   messageType: 3,
   messageSubType: 9,
   operatorId: 1234
  }, ...

page_size integer The number of records being returned
more_message boolean If more messages are available for the chat session
messages array List of messages
 chatMessage string The chat message
 createdTime string The date and time of the message
 fromName string The name of who entered the message
 messageId integer The unique identifer of the chat message
 messageType integer The chat message type
 messageSubType integer The chat message sub type
 operatorId integer The operator id who sent the message (if available)