Operators Endpoint

Obtain a list of operators within your account.

GET //developer.livehelpnow.net/api/operators

Query Params

Name Expected Type Description
department_id optional integer Restrict the listing to a specific department
online optional boolean Restrict the listing to only online/offline operators
system optional string To specify which system to provide stats for. If no system is supplied you will just receive an operator list with no stats


 "status": "ok",
 "payload": [
   "id": 1234,
   "description": "This is the description",
   "email": "operator@email.com",
   "first_name": "John",
   "last_name": "Doe",
   "admin": true,
   "online": false,
   "chatting": false,
   "picture": "/path/of/operator/pic.jpg",
   "username": "user",
   "departments": [
     "department_id": 1234,
     "department_name": "Department",
     "department_description": "This is the description",
     "department_email": "department@email.com"
  ....  ]

id integer A unique identifier for the operator
description string The description of the operator
email string The email address for the operator
first_name string The operator's first name
last_name string The operator's last name
admin boolean If the operator is an admin
online boolean If the operator is online
chatting boolean If the operator is currently in an active chat
picture string The operator's picture
username string The operator's username
departments string A list of the departments the operator belongs to
 department_id integer The LiveHelpNow department identifier
 department_name string The custom name of the department
 department_description string The custom description of the department
 department_email string The email associated with the department