Categories Endpoint

Gets a knowledge base category

GET //


This endpoint gets all categories in a tree format. The general decending format is name -> children -> category_id. The variable "name" refers to the category name. The first category name is the highest level parent category, in the example below the first name is "All". The next level of categories is all of the children of category "All", which then lists a category name of "General Questions".Then beneath that is all of the children of "General Questions" with children of "General Questions" and then category_id.


 "status": "ok",
 "payload": {
  "name": "All",
  "children": [{
   "name": "General Questions",
   "children": [{
    "name": "Services and Features",
    "children": [],
    "category_id": 29773
   }, {...
   "category_id": 13
  "category_id": 15645

name string the name of the category
children list a list of children and their data
category_id integer the category id for the category name listed