Filter Details

Get filter details

GET //{filter_id}

Query Params

Name Expected Type Description
system required string The name of the system ticket, knowledge, or callback


 "status": "ok",
 "payload": {
  "filter_details": {
   "operator_id": 1,
   "is_current": false,
   "filter_type": "Ticket",
   "filter_name": "closed",
   "filter_id": 270,
   "filter_content": {
    "key": "value"
   "client_id": 1

filter_details array filter details
operator_id integer Operator id for the filter
is_current boolean is the filter current
filter_type string the filter type (ticket, callback, knowledge)
filter_name string filter name
filter_id integer filter ID
filter_content array filter content
client_id integer Client id for the filter